As I build The Narcissist Family Files Blog, I am receiving frequent requests for help and advice from readers. Often these people have not been able to find the understanding and support they need from therapists, most of whom are not conversant with narcissism and its insidiously devastating impact on relationships and families. (Read more: Raised by Narcissists? Why You Can’t Afford the Wrong Therapist.) And they feel isolated because their friends don’t understand what they are dealing with.

In response to this demand, I now offer a coaching service for people dealing with narcissism-related problems and issues. I listen with respect and empathy, explain what I know, and provide advice when requested and appropriate.

I offer this service with the understanding that although I know a lot about narcissism, both personally and professionally, I am not a trained therapist.

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Make a Coaching Appointment

Julie offers 1-hour phone sessions for $80.

Email her to make an appointment:

Coaching Testimonials

“Julia has helped me immensely in processing the fact of and nature of my mother’s narcissism. She listens carefully, and with gentleness but laserlike precision narrows in on carefully constructed denials and blindspots, helping reveal the truth. She also listens with strong empathy, and when talking with her I never felt alone or like I couldn’t handle the truth. I appreciate her deep understanding, keen insights, and optimism about my ability to shake the shackles of having been the golden child in my family.”


“Having talked with you in such depth on Saturday, I had a new feeling of lightness of heart.  None of what I told you was new to me but maybe it was the telling you, a fellow sufferer, that somehow validated my experiences. Fixed something in me… ?”


Featured image by Julie L. Hall.