What Readers Are Saying About The Narcissist Family Files Blog


“Narcissist Family Files, thanks so much. I can’t tell you how much this helps in a way I didn’t even know I needed the help. Such good medicine. Just thank you, so much…”


“I am the scapegoat of my family. For the first time in my 52 years, I feel like someone understands.”


“Thank God I finally found a wonderful therapist. And you. Now I’m reborn at age 38, and since that day about a month ago, I have searched the internet and spent countless hours reading blogs and watching videos. Yours is the only one that gets everything right, every time. . . . I feel like I know you. . . . I don’t want to miss a post.”


“EXCELLENT Article!!!!!”


“I came across one of your blog articles on Facebook, and wow, does it resonate! I am really looking forward to your book.”


“I read your article on narcissism with great enthusiasm. So wonderfully relieving to hear someone tell it like it is with regard to having had a narcissistic parent.”

“This entire blog mirrors exactly what my experience was.”


“Your articles are extremely helpful in understanding the role of the scapegoat as well as that of the golden child. I was sexually abused from early childhood until late teens by my parents, and within the violent child and teen pornography ring they were associated with. My brother was never part of this, and naturally played the role of the golden child. I later married a woman who is the obvious scapegoat in her family. We have broken ties with both abusive family systems years ago in order to achieve peace of mind, but your insightful articles clearly explain the two supposedly opposing roles and the parents who create them. Thank you!”


“Perfectly accurate!”


“Hi Julie. You have done an absolutely amazing job with your work and it’s been very helpful and informative. Thank you for all that you do.”


“Yes. Yes. Yes. Great article.”


“Julie, that was a fantastic article, and yes, it did resonate with me. I wish I would have had this information when I was a teen.”


“Thank you, Julie. Your words means a lot to so many of us.”


“Julie, thank you so, so much for this. I hold hope that as more people speak out on this difficult and complex topic, others will gain insight about their experiences and seek much-needed support. Scapegoats are targeted not for their weakness but rather their strength, as they are the ones who see clearly what is really behind the curtain and are willing to speak the unvarnished truth. Thank you for your bravery.”

—Regina, NCC

“You really hit the nail on the head with this post, Julia, for I feel that I could have written it in almost the exact same words!”

—Another Scapegoated Daughter

“This is important reading for all Americans… especially holding the narcissist accountable for their behavior—not treating it as normal/acceptable.”


“This is Great information that you are sharing! Thank you! ❤”


“Perfect. Yes. Exactly.”


“Enjoyed this article as it really hit the nail on the head. ‘Ordinary’ therapists don’t get it & I have felt more humiliated by them. I’m an adult child, 2 yr’s NC struggle with holding down a job, can’t maintain a relationship (or feel love) & feel completely stuck but cannot find any specific support for this syndrome here in UK. Grateful for any info contacts in uk, many thanks.”


“u r a very excellent writer Julia.”


“Excellent article! Insightful and informative.”

—Mary Jane

“You said that so well, ‘the scapegoat’s redemption is breaking free’—so true. Wishing you blessings as well.”


“Loved this article!!!!!”


“Hi Julie. Great stuff! Your writing is clear, concise, and excellent. Keep up the good work and I am glad I found you.”

“What a great and factual read!”


“Very great read. Important information I needed to hear.”


“Julia! I just read your most recent article on Huffington Post and my mind has been blown beyond belief. My husband is an adult child of a narcissist. His real story is one people would have a hard time understanding in a non-fiction novel. He cut all ties of communication with his father 3 years ago and since then has struggled with PTSD: anxiety, depression, insomnia and night terrors. My husband is a beautiful human being inside and out. Wise, intelligent, successful. He has almost lost all that he loves because of the heaviness from his past. We have struggled to find the right therapist. Most people tell him to “suck it up”. It’s so much more than that. I’m reaching out to you today because you are the first person who has ever put exactly what’s going on into words that make sense and are relatable. . . . Thank you.”


“This article will be my daily mantra moving forward!”


“Julia, Thank you for this article. For twenty plus years, after I realized just how badly my parents treated me (they weren’t violent, oh, they were too smart for that, but they did everything that they could to demean my character and question my intelligence. It got to the point where I was playing a recording in my own head that I was worthless.) I tried my darndest to find a therapist who would listen, who wouldn’t speak in platitudes of ‘they were trying their best.’”


“Julie, you are brilliant and I so enjoy the narcissist posts.”


“True True True.”


“I just read your post about the care you’ve been providing for your mother. I’m struck to see how you were treated during your own illnesses and times of physical need. There are so many instances in my own life that match up to what you describe, it is uncanny.”


“Great article. Very informative and helpful. Thank you.”

—Colleen W.

“Welcome to my family of origin! The article offers a lot of clarification! Thank you!”


“Great information.”


“Julie, I’ve been finding your writing on NPD insightful and very helpful in making sense of a recent bad experience. Thank you.”


“Thanks for writing your blog, it has been interesting and helpful.”


“Thank you so much for your insight! My husband has been struggling ALL HIS LIFE (!) with why his parents, um, yes, scapegoated him, and has solved some of the secrets they kept, but at 83, he still runs into roadblocks with his, um, as you say, personality development…I will not take up more of your time, I have given him one of your articles.”


“I love your writing style. When’s your memoir coming out?”


“Thank you so much for sharing this story and for Jan giving permission for you to share it. I feel more for my golden child sister now. It could not have been easy for her.”


“really feel it when i read your words”

—Rebellious Scapegoat

“Julie: Your article hits home for me, I have a 37 year old daughter who is a genius but has all of these traits to a tee. Lots of heart aches and money has made me realize that she will never change. Sad but true.”




“This exactly describes my soon to be ex.”


“This looks very familiar unfortunately. Thank you for starting this movement towards having a voice and moving past the pain of having lived with a narcissistic person. Wow. The raging. He would jump up and down on the floor raging, “I am not abusive!” hahahahahah sort of. Sick.”


“Wow! Spot on.”


“100% dead-on accurate, A+. I’m just curious, how do you know my soon to be ex-wife?”


“Yep. That’s my family.”


“Your answer was really spot on. Thank you for such a complete synopsis. I’m going to print it out for reference. I wish I could have had information like this a few years ago. Thank you again.”


“That is right on. The truth about them. So true.”




“Thanks for these, Julia. It’s such a balm to have a vocabulary to put to these experiences and thereby to get a little space to differentiate “me” from “them.”


“Awesome article.”

“Great article, familiar to say the least.”


“Thank you Julie for writing this article on such an important topic. Your experience will resonate for those readers who have suffered from the effects of a NPD. For some it may be the first introduction to the naming of what happened in childhood which can lead to the seeking of more information, help, the discovery of the authentic Self and recovery/healing. I look forward to reading more of your articles on this topic.”

—Julie, MFT

“These are all wonderful points about narcissistic behaviors. Well done :)”


“I relate so well. Thank you for naming our experiences.”


“Wish I’d known THIS 3 years ago.”

—J. Fatimah

“This is a real eye-opener for me. I have known families like this, but had no convenient label to describe them except ‘unhappy’ or ‘dysfunctional.’ Now I have a little better insight into what propelled their unhappiness—Narcissism. Thank you Julia.”


“This is so spot on. It brought tears to my eyes with all the horrible memories.”


“Great article.”


“100 percent true!!”


“Thank you for your insight Julie. The dynamics you have eloquently described match the family I ran away from. The father was a classic NP, the son was also NP. The roles are as you described. It takes a lot of work to recover from this dynamic and it took tremendous courage for me to throw my belongings into my car and just leave. I could not help him. I could not change him. I had to care for myself. I am still learning.”


“Absolutely spot on!”


“Oh wow, the don’ts are perfect. Going to print this out. . . great article for when we are using family wizard.”


“Nailed it!!!”


“Oh my goodness, this is so spot on and what I have been dealing with for years.”


“This is excellent.”


“Great read!”


“Thank you for illuminating an underexamined part of human experience. The term ‘narcissist’ gets tossed around a lot, but most of us are uninformed about the damage caused to children of narcissist parents. This insight will help soften my gaze when dealing with traumatized people.”

—Colleen B.

“Best read yet on this!”


“Every word of this is true.”


“Very well written article! Being in this type of situation truly feels like a prison sentence. I finally left, but I will never be the same.😢”


“Yep, now I get it!!!!”


“Another great article!”


“Awesome article.”


“There are some really good articles here dealing with narc coparenting!”

—Thrive After Abuse

“Isn’t this the truth!”


“Great article and explanation. It’s also safe to say this is an employed business dynamic as well that works but shatters people.”


“Great article and so true.”


“Couldn’t be more right on!”


“100 percent true!!”


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