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I miss my friend even though she was a narcissist. What can I do to fix it and handle the friendship? 



Hi Marta:

The short answer is you can’t fix it. Repeat: You can’t fix it.

And if you try to recover the friendship she will still be a narcissist incapable of reciprocating as a true friend does. If she is a full-blown narcissist, she has a personality disorder that makes her unable to care about your realities and needs. She may fake caring from time to time, but she only “cares” in the sense that it affects her in some way and she will get something out of it.

I still miss my long-term “best” friend from childhood who also was a narcissist. It made perfect sense that I was drawn to her and she me, because we both grew up in narcissistic homes and were repeating familiar patterns. Also I felt sorry for her because her home life was even worse than mine, with a father who had a new family that did not include her, a narcopath part-time absent mother, a half-brother two steps from a jail cell, and an abusive stepfather. At her best my friend was charming, beautiful, funny as hell, and could be warm and sometimes step out of her narcissistic myopia. But she was also selfish, manipulative, cutting, rude, and disrespectful.

A few examples of her narc behavior: She rejected and ignored me for a year in high school after I came out; she smoked in my apartment despite the fact that I repeatedly asked her not to; she asked me to name my child after her when I got pregnant; and when I told her my partner was diagnosed with MS, she changed the subject and told me about a party she threw for her hair dresser.

Ultimately I cut ties with her as I began to understand my own narcissist family background and the abuse I had endured for decades. I haven’t reached out again in over 15 years. I still care, still miss her, still even love her, but as a narcissist friend she is incapable of an equitable relationship. She lacks empathy and makes just about everything about herself, and I have grown out of that kind of person in my life.

Take a look at your reasons for wanting your narcissist friend back. There is no “handling” a narcissist. In the end they handle you.


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