The Narcissist Family Files is an information resource and place of support for survivors of narcissistic abuse. It is meant to provide awareness, insight, and a vocabulary for our experiences.

Understanding what we have been through is the first step toward healing from it. Through understanding, we learn that

  • we are not alone;
  • we are not to blame for how we have been treated (contrary to what we have been trained to believe); and
  • we can release the emotional and physiological pain and damage we have carried, many of us since birth.

The kind of narcissism discussed in this forum is not your run-of-the-mill Instagram navel gazing. It is a pathological personality disorder, and its effect on others is traumatic, often devastating. Children, spouses, and other family members of narcissists are systematically targeted with manipulation, lies, rage, shame, blame, belittling, gaslighting, and many other destructive tactics meant to scaffold the narcissist’s grandiose yet hopelessly fragile self through one upmanship—feeling superior at the expense of others.

Perhaps you are well along on your path of healing. Or maybe you are just beginning to make sense out of the nightmarish chaos you have experienced. Wherever you are on the way, may this place offer refuge, clarity, and strength.

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Photo courtesy of Nathan, Creative Commons.